Worldwide, more and more, it is the trend of using remedies offered by nature, used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. The advantages of using these remedies are undisputed compared with allopathic medicine.

The company has as object of activity the growth of vipers especially those from the species Vipera ammodytes ammodytes, the production and collection of venom.


Our product

imageIs harvested in sterile conditions and under the quality requirements laid down in ISO 9001.

Commercial relations

imageWe wish to establish long-term commercial relations and if you are interested, we can offer you samples for testing our product.

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We are a Romanian company, specialized in growing vipers especially those from the species Ammodytes Ammodytes, we are harvesting the venom for commercializing it in pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes.


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PHARMA VIP: Our product, collected in the highest accuracy and sterilization conditions is lyophilized, sealed in the vials and verified by the most important Romanian institutes as you will see in our presentation book.